Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Breastfeeding Moms: Help Please

Calling all breastfeeding mommies out there... your life-saving breastmilk is needed! The Medela House is open till 3pm today for milk donations. You can pump here and store in our bags. These donations will be given to PGH and will be made available to children at the different evacuation centers. While you are at the Medela House, you can also drop off any relief item you may have (food, clothes, towels, blankets, shoes, slippers, etc.) as we will be donating these at 3pm to the Xavier School to assist them in their relief efforts. Finally, MedelaMoms is looking for partners as they subsidize the cost of their disposable cups. If you want to donate cups (that will be used by volunteers to cupfeed babies in the different evac centers), contact us at 0917-5614366 or 7386272. We accept bank deposits. A cup will be P30 each only for this worthy cause. We will be accepting donations till 3 pm only. Dr. Silvestre (head of Milk Bank unit in PGH) will be collecting all donations after 3pm. Thank you!


Those who can't make it today, you may deliver your milk to:

1. Dr Zeka Tatad-To, 38 San Miguel Court, Celery Drive, VV5. (contact:, 0917 8886288)

2. Dr Mi-Anne Silvestre, 17F Greengrove Villa, Lantana Road, New Manila

3. PGH Lactation Unit, 4F Central Block (contact: 5548400 local 3409, look for Thess, Tina, Grace)

If you need the milk picked up, please coordinate with Dr Zeka.

Thanks so much, Bfg Mommies!!!


It saddens me that I never regularly pumped so I really cannot donate breastmilk, especially now that my Yakee is only nursing for sleep once or twice during the day.

And as much as I want to be a wet nurse, my hubby is against it (he is fearful i'd bring Yakee diseases) and I have to respect his fears and feelings because he has been nothing but supportive of me.

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