Friday, September 18, 2009

Frumpy Mummy

Part of the reason why I really should start exercising soon (I still haven't hit the treadmill because I still have my period and I hate being sweaty and having my period!) is because I really don't want to be a frumpy Mommy. But in a way, I have become one. I mean, I don't even comb my hair all day when am at home! I may take a bath twice a day but you know, I wear my ragged pambahays (because really, they're the most comfy!) all the time. They may not be dasters but even tank tops and shorts can look bad on misshapen bodies. Hehe.

Good thing though I won't ever be in this position though. And I really hope to make homeschooling work so as not to deal with cliques at the school gate.

I have vowed to start combing my hair and even putting on lisptick even when am home. I have yet to keep that vow. :D

I have even stopped putting on lotion regularly. Yikes. Good thing hubby loves me but really, I shouldn't let myself go at the age of (turning) 32!!!

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Let's get physical! 1-2-3-4-----