Wednesday, September 23, 2009

A Mommy Thing

Do you guys notice one of the quotes in my sidebar that goes something along like, "Jacket: Something a child is made to wear when his mother is feeling chilly." I love that quote because it's so true.

Every night, we sleep in an air-conditioned room. And every night, I wrap my body in my malong because I feel cold. And I struggle with my son all night, every night, because he goes around the bed, sleeping in different positions. I can't stop myself, I have to put a blanket on him, usually sharing mine (because he's slept on top of his). But that would cause him to stir in his sleep and start kicking the blanket off. The minute he feels the blanket on his feet (which I wanted to keep warm in the first place), he'd wake and protest.

But I simply cannot bear the thought that his feet will get cold (even if they're not).

And though I have been looking for those sleeper suits that come with sock-like portions, I also really don't want to use any for him because he tends to play some first before bedtime. That would just result in many slips and tumbles for my over-active child.

So every night, we have this blanket struggle dance.

Good thing we don't need an electric blanket in this tropical climate, huh? Then again, maybe if it's that cold, he'd let Mommy do the blanket thing.

Oh, and it's not that he doesn't like being warm because he absolutely forces his father to the wall sometimes, because he likes snuggling close to his Pappie.

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