Monday, September 14, 2009

Overweight Me

My recent medical mishaps have really got me wondering about diet pills more and more. And although I don't have any plans of taking any anytime soon, the fact still remains that I am one overweight Momma who should get her act together and start dieting and exercising.

It's just simply irresponsible and inconsiderate to be getting sick when I have a toddler who needs me.

And though the allergic reaction episode wasn't due to the excess pounds, I know in my heart that the extra twenty or so pounds that am carrying for no sublime reason at all is part of why I had backpain in the first place, and why my hormones are crazier than usual, and why my reactions to the antihistamines and steroids were that exaggerated.

Unacceptable, to be so uncaring about my own health.

So now am trying to drown myself in fruits and water. Baby steps.

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