Saturday, September 5, 2009

Postponed EB

Supposedly, Plurk Moms are meeting at Mega Mall today for some gab fest from lunch to heaven knows when. Unfortunately, two suddenly had important family affairs, another one's child got sick and another one's Mom is being threatened by cancer. I decided to call it off so that we can all just focus on where we have to be (in my case, since they were supposed to cheer me up from missing hubs, that would be at National Bookstore).

I know that Plurk is not a chat software per se but we've been using it as one. And yes, it helps that our Twitter, Facebook, Multiply and even Friendster (I think) accounts all get updated too with our plurks. I love Plurk. And i've come to depend on the social life I get from it, even if I have to make do with EBs that are few and far between.

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