Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Spanking Out Of Fear

I was ashamed of what I did. Spanking because I was scared was wrong but I was really, really mad with fear when my son tried climbing up to where the stove is to watch eggs boiling. He could have had a serious accident.

I screeched and started shaking there and then. Fortunately, I only gave my son one good smack and had the presence o mind to put him down already. He cried but more because of hearing me screech :D

But really, after the spanking, I felt so bad. I think my blood pressure shot up because I had the shakes for almost an hour, I felt nauseous and dizzy and I had a pounding headache. Stress. Major stress. And guilt. My mind need not tell me I did something awful because my body was already doing the telling.


Thankfully, my son was sweeter after the episode. I think his guardian angel told him that Mommy loved him still and wrong it might have been, my reaction was still purely out of love for him.

But yes, I have revisited my parenting ways so I could be a better one.


Karma struck when one of my son's favorite books struck a nerve on my foot and resulted in major swelling and limping and pain and discomfort over the long weekend.

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