Thursday, October 22, 2009

DD Ladies

DDU is Dirty Dozen Unlimited, the unofficial name of hubby's high school peer group. Now, most of them are married and have kids, and most of the wives are on the family way for 2nd and 3rd offsprings already. And two girlfriends are currently pregnant. Thus, we couldn't call ourselves DD Wives since we're not all technically married to the DD guy who got us pregnant.

Anyway, one of us sort of started a mailing list just for us DD Ladies, and she started by talking pregnancy. As an introduction, I in turn said that I was the breastfeeding counselor among the wives, not that the other wives didn't know as much about about breastfeeding. I was wondering if I should have added that they could run to me for digiscrapping needs, like baptism invites or holiday invitations layouts. It would be a privilege but I was also worried that they might expect marvelous things from me when I only know basic Photoshop.

Still, it is rather nice to be part of the group. I'm hoping our kids will grow up knowing each other, playing with each other ocassionally and becoming friends in time.

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