Monday, October 5, 2009

Emergency Bag

Many people have started coming up with a list of things they think should be in one's emergency bag. Especially since many were caught unaware of the floods from Ondoy last week, people are now aware and more vigilant. Some even consider the recent tragedy a sure fat burner because of all the stress it brought and the fears it awakened.

My emergency bag consisted of my Philam Insurance plans, our passports, all my jewelry & accessories (mostly given by hubs), our rings, a pair of socks for Yakee (I don't know why but it felt right to put those there), all our money and cards, all our memory cards (in case I haven't sved any from one of them yet), the Starbucks planner that hubby and I wrote love letters to each other in, Yakee's Baby Book (for his chek-ups) and the DVD copy of our wedding video. Weirdly enough, I did not pack any camera there but I packed all cellphone chargers. I also did not pack our external hard disk :D So yeah, it was still very incomplete.

But having saved most of our pics online, I wasn't that worried about pictures anymore.

I should really update it and keep everything in one place. And we don't really have riches yet to lose, all that makes me feel rich are my pictures and journals about my family life. I just wanted to make sure that we need not end in evac centers and we had ready IDs.

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