Saturday, October 10, 2009

Happier Mom

Volunteering has greatly improved my mood recently. Maybe because it gives me a different kind of purpose, one that's separate from the home. And although I feel twinges of guilt for being away from my son some afternoons, I noticed that he's not the worse for it anyway. In fact, ever since he turned two, he's happy as a lark again. And I love coming home to him and having him greet me with kisses and arms open wide for a hug (except when I come from evac centers, of course, I rush to take a bath first before even touching him).

Plus, I tell my son that Mommy is doing this for selfish reasons. One, it makes her feel good. Two, it's a like a deposit made to the great big bank of karma. Since Ondoy spared us, it's the least we can do to the less fortunate. And maybe, just maybe, if someday we don't get spared, that life and others will be equally kind and helpful.


Meanwhile, my heart is breaking over news of so many pregnant women delivering prematurely from the stress (as what happened to Manila residents with Ondoy) up North, and their LGUs not being equipped to really handle such a catastrophe. And what about the kids? Can you imagine the cold in Baguio and Benguet? What if it's still raining in some parts, how are the kids to keep themselves warm when aid will not get there as fast??? What of the older folks?

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