Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Helping 2-Year Olds Speak More Clearly

I found a trick that rang TRUE and GOOD for me... reposting from Babycenter

As a toddler develops speech and language skills, it is important to model, rather than demand. For example, avoid asking questions like, "is this a truck?" or telling him to "say truck" but instead model or demonstrate what you would like him to say. This is a tried-and-true SLP (Speech-Language Pathologist) technique. An example of modeling would be to hold up the object and say, "truck" pause, "this is a truck", pause, "my truck" pause, "fast truck", pause, "truck". You may feel silly and you may have to say the word 50 times, but eventually he will attempt the word on his own. As for articulation (how the word sounds) certain errors are typical for certain ages; it is when they do not improve over months/years that intervention is needed. Also, if a child has had several ear infections per year (especially ones that last longer than the typical 10-day antibiotic run) ask your doctor to refer you to an ENT or audiologist for a full evaluation. (From an SLP and mom!)

We prompt Yakee lots of times ("this is a door, can you say door?") but I will try this tactic. I am actually not concerned about my son's speech development. It's not as fast as other kids but I know he's developing nicely. And like what I told his pedia yesterday, he does know over a hundred words and can say these words with me being able to understand what he meant, apart from the words that he knows and understands but cannot say clearly yet.

So why would I try another tactic if am not worried? Well because, there is always room for improvement. :)


I am looking at the next developmental milestones I can expect from my child in the next six months. Already, he's doing the physical/psychomotor ones (like jumping with both feet, balancing on one foot, washing and drying his hands) so I guess that's really his strength.

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