Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Not That Sad

In hubs' barkada, we were the only ones not pregnant right now who could be (married and without an infant). Another friend is preggy in the Berks too.

And I have my period.

Normally, such news would have gotten me depressed and stress eating. Normally, i'd be walking around a little angry and lots moody. But am not. This surprised me even because I have not been nursing at night (normally, i'd have hoped that increased the chances of me getting preggy). Also, I was delayed for a week and didn't even think of testing.

Of course, there were moments of hoping but at least am not that affected by it. I guess it's because am preoccupied with my volunteer work and having other things to worry about. Hubs says I am perkier these days too. And I really do feel happier.

And I wish our friends a happy pregnancy!!!

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Who's she said...

You do volunters works that is great! getting pregnant is fun and tiring, wishing you all the best.