Sunday, November 22, 2009

All's Well That Ends Well

Last Thursday, I was devastated because the HMO pedia said that my son had typhoid and could have primary complex. Primary complex, I understood how easily one can get it because it's literally in Philippine air. And since my son was going through a bad bout of coughs and colds, his respiratory tract was already compromised. But typhoid behooved me! We eat at home 95% of the time!!!

But anyway, we consulted my son's main pedia for a second opinion and my son was declared well. We do have to watch out for primary complex signs but other than that, he was not prescribed any new medicine or vitamin.

And I had forgotten to update my sister but I had told her of the sad news before, so she told my father and my Dad texted me this morning asking what meds my son is taking because he might be able to buy it from the U.S. :) Sweet, isn't he? I just reminded him to make sure they take vitamins, eat healthy, and possibly replace their furnace filters so they won't have as much cold or allergies this winter time over there in Michigan. I also told them to start taking fish oil supplements.

And my son continues to thrive and play and harass us, his parents. So I guess he really is a healthy child who just had colds. :)

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