Monday, November 16, 2009

Giving Children Medicine

My son is actually a lot better than other kids about taking medicine. He doesn't love them exactlt but he's usually very cooperative. He doesn't rage so much, as if he's being poisoned.

But... he does have a hard time keeping some meds down. Especially antibiotics and the antihistamine Aerius. So these tips on giving children medicine, though very helpful, do not really apply to us. Then again, I may need to work on my coaxing skills and timing skills. Like this morning. I had thought some breastmilk is enough for his tummy to accept the Augmentin. Maybe it was, but I also immediately gave Tempra too. Then again, to defend myself, he was running a really high fever.

Thankfully though, he kept the second dose of Augmentin and slept just fine without barfing. Hopefully, I just really have to keep his tummy full and time the meds right.

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