Friday, November 20, 2009

Home Owning

Since our current home was not really affected that much by typhoon Ondoy, I really have no idea how it is for those who were. I understand though that many decided to sell their homes instead rather than stay in their old villages. Most probably, some of them are still paying for housing loans used to build those homes. Chances are, there were some who were affected so badly that they just couldn't afford the payments anymore, especially given the recession and the massive loss of property they may have sustained.

So for their sake, I hope there are already institutions in place here that offer credit counseling like in the US. Since the US economy is also suffering greatly from the recession, and foreclosures are common, companies like Consolidated Credit are invaluable to home owners and whatever housing-related problems they may have. Such companies also offer other services like mortgage default, money/debt management counseling, and reverse equity mortgage counseling. Debt consolidation, where you can take out a loan with really low interests and fixed rates to pay off many others, at a time you're really down is very helpful as well. I hear that in cases where the debtor is in danger of bankruptcy, a debt consolidator can buy the loan at a discount. Now that's true help ina time of crisis!

Maybe home owners should be approaching banks and established insurance companies to see if thse are offered in the country already.

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