Saturday, November 21, 2009

Overprotective Parents

A long, long time ago, when I was not even married yet, I think, I worried about getting a car with my future groom. It was irrational but I felt that having a car will groom me and our future kids to lead pampered, dependent lives. Well, we have a car now and I do think thrice about commuting to far-flung places but I still use the jeep. And i've let my son ride in one (even buses going to Las Piñas!).

I have enrolled my son in swimming lessons but he generally stays and plays home with me, my cousin and my husband. He's not out of the house everyday to attend some class at age 2. I have taught him sign language but not yet his alphabet. And though we can afford, and even have some, fancy electronic toys that supposedly boost intelligence, I allow my child to play with pots and pans instead. It's lovely seeing him wearing pails, baskets, bowls, colanders and even fruitcake boxes as hats.

Anyway, this article is such an eye-opener and reality checker. I know a lot of parents really just mean well. But if love needs air to breathe and space to grow, chidlren need them more.

Let's love them and guide them and support them... and the only thing they need to succeed in future is the knowledge that 1)they effect their destiny, 2)they are human and will commit mistakes and will always have limitations, and 3)they have a family.

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