Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Wish Granted

There is this Ally McBeal scene wherein Ally was telling Renee that she wants to get married, to grow old with someone and have babies and get fat.

Well, I am fat now, due to my fault mostly, and certainly not helped by my age and pregnancy. And with the upcoming wedding I am to attend, I am feeling every bit sad about my lumpy shape again.

But... even when I think of my glorious days as a thin woman, I really cannot find it in me to wish for those days again. I am really happier now. It's only really important socials that get me feeling anxious and insecure but other than that, am happy in my own skin.

So maybe I will just attitude myself along with whatever dress I wear on Sunday. I am a Mom after all, always wanted to be, and should be glad that my wish was granted :)

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