Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Carolling Starts Tonight

All this time, I have been putting P1 coins in a piggy bank in anticipation of carollers. My son, being an avid fan of anything and everything that makes music, actually listens to them. So of course we feel we have to pay them to continue playing.

Last year, both kids really had a blast. I think it's akin to being serenaded for them. I remember how I even felt humbled again by the fact that the instruments my son and nephew were playing were newer or possibly more costly than the ones the carollers were using. After all, some of them were just banging spoons together. And this year, my son has a better drum, two xylophones, a tambourine, two harmonicas, two recorders, a trumpet, a ukelele and a maracas.

Well, we will run out of coins... but I guess carollers will have field day going to our house. And nobody really loses because we're always happy when our son is happy.


Anonymous said...

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