Thursday, December 17, 2009

Cobain's Daughter All Grown Up

Frances Bean, Kurt Cobain's daughter, is already 17 years old and fighting her Mom in court to release her from her custody.

I wasn't really a Nirvana fan but I loved Kurt's pictures in all the tabloids carrying little Frances Bean, holding her bottle or actually feeding her. That made him cool as a rockstar for me. It was only after he died that I really listened to his music.

Fast forward to now. Frances Bean is pale, reminds me of that Osbourne girl, and not (yet) cashing in on her parent's fame and notoriety. She hasn't been caught without panties, drunk, doing drugs, etc (as far as I can tell). Hopefully, somewhere, somehow, that is making Kurt smile.

But it's a tragedy that she doesn't have a great relationship with her Mom. It could be Courtney's still doing drugs. It could be that Frances just wants to hold all her money. But really, what it boils down to is that one of them is not making good choices.

For Frances' sake, I hope it's her Mom and that she live a less chaotic and absolutely drug-free life.


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