Monday, December 21, 2009

Games, Games, Games

For my fellow Moms who have the time, online games being offered in Facebook are more than enough. They even team up with others to exchange harvests and cows. I don't know how many times I've been given a cow or cupcake but I just really don't have the time to be addicted there.

For sure, games and toys will also populate Christmas trees this year. My niece wanted a Baby Alive and some nephews wanted their own PSP consoles. For one godson who is into online games, however, its new PC games that will rock. He has already hinted on his preferences (Double Play - Jewel Quest Mysteries and Mysterious City Cairo and Samantha Swift and the Mystery of Atlantis). Yeah, I guess he's into old civilizations and stuff. That is one good thing I can say for these games, they get kids interested in folklore and history, in myths and legends, in building and farming.

I can just imagine parents already ordering such games online, or are now making a beeline in stores, hoping to avoid the worst of Christmas rush but still get frustrated with crowds and long lines and possibly out of stock products.

I wonder how many of them know that they can just download some free games instead? Or, if they didn't get a particular game or toy in time, that they can still amuse their child with easy to download games without having to worry about installation and viruses. They just probably have to Google it well and read reviews/testimonials in the sites.

Oh well. At least my son is still only two years old and is still more into stacking cups and blocks. Then again, we're giving him a potty trainer as gift this year. Hehe. Well, I supposedly won a game from Hasbro anyway, so that's another gift.

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