Sunday, January 3, 2010

Alexander von Furstenberg

Most women probably know his mother more, the luminous Diane von Furstenberg who repeatedly amazes and challenges Project Runway contestants. And certainly, his lineage is far from shabby, having descended from the adoptive family of Emperor Napoleon I and William Thomas Beckford, with both parents well-known fashion designers and a bloodline that literally spans Europe and Australia. But Alexander von Furstenberg is famous in his own right for being an astute businessman. He was able to turn Diane von Furstenberg Studio, LP (a global luxury lifestyle brand)'s annual revenue, for example, into $200 million.

He is also famous for being one of the more visible philanthropists of our time. He currently serves as Director and Secretary of The Diller - von Furstenberg Family Foundation which supports education, communities, disease research, children, the environment and human rights issues world-wide. Just last September, he made a donation of $150,000 to Heal the Bay. And just a day before Christmas, it was reported that he made a pledge of $50,000 to the Roy W. Roberts, II Watts/Willowbrook Boys & Girls Club in Loas Angeles. The funds will be used to jumpstart a music program for the kids in the Boys and Girls club by allowing them to purchase instruments as well as get trained by world-renowned music teachers from Venezuela.

I just chanced upon his name and the news and decided to read it to my son. Apart from intending to read to him of inspirational legends like Washington and Shakespeare and Rizal, I also hope i'd be able to offer him enough modern-day heroes to emulate and learn from.

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