Friday, January 29, 2010

Booksale Madness

I was really bent on either getting a massage or body scrub this afternoon but I happened to pass by Booksale at Rob Malate. And there I remained for over an hour. Sigh. Plus, I also spent the same amount of time at National Bookstore, comparing book prices and wondering if I could find the same books at Booksale.


I ended up buying three books there. I swear, you can visit the store everyday and find daily deals. But what I do is visit different branches so that i'd be sure to find great finds. Have I said that I found Quidditch Through the Ages in one, in mint condition, for only P40? :)

I did resist in buying this Maiasaura storybook :D I don't want to overwhelm Yakee with dinosaur stuff, lest he loses interest. Three books for now is enough.

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