Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Breastfeeding Conversations on Facebook

It's really funny that once upon a time, I only ever talked about Sweet Dreams novels with this girl in class. She had to migrate to the US after our second year in high school and I have never heard of or from her since... Facebook. Now, we're both married. And both moms. And it's refreshing to see her commenting on most of my breastfeeding-related posts.

Another girl who was once a classmate is also now a regular commenter when I talk, rant or rave about breastfeeding. :)

I know some of my friends can't relate (especially the unmarried guys) and I know other women really just give breastfeeding a token go, but it's still nice that Facebook allows us to bring breastfeeding into the mainstream. Hopefully, each day, at least one person becomes a convert enough to save a child's life and health someday.

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