Sunday, January 3, 2010

The Diet Begins

It's not like it's anything drastic. But i've cut down on rice. I plan to do things slowly and ease myself into the healthier eating. I'm seriously craving bananas too. Sigh. Hubs, on the other hand, hit the treadmill again. I am trying to arrange my routine so that I'd have time to do that in the early hours of the morning while hubs is still here and our son is still asleep. But that means I shouldn't be working in the wee hours of the morning anymore.

The lack of sleep is really exhausting me. I can't keep up with other things anymore and constantly feel as if am going to get run down by a bus. Wonder if I should purchase an online life insurance already, just to make sure. Hehe. But really, it's such a mark of how old i've gotten. I used to thrive in just a few hours of sleep. Now, I seem to not get enough.

But like what I said, the diet begins. Good luck to me.

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