Sunday, January 3, 2010

Gifts Mommy Liked

Gifts Yakee got, that is.

Well, first of all, I am really thankful for everything he got. It's great that people are thoughtful and he is loved. But of course, there are gifts that literally made Mommy smile.

1) Books (it showed consideration of my kind of parenting, plus, it's really a gift he enjoys again and again and again)
2) Whiteboard/Blackboard/Magnetic Board (gift from Tita Ninang Gang... which he can't wait to use)
3) Leather Chest and Seat (gift from Momsy which I hope to turn into his learning chest, just have to figure out what things to put in there and where it will be stationed)
4) Color Palette Learning Set (it's made of cardboard but teaches colors in a really fun way, we both had a blast playing with it already, and Yakee is trained enough not to crumple the cardboard anymore, gift from Andie)

What about you, what gifts did your kid got that you liked?

And were there gifts that you really wished weren't given? Ahehe.

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