Monday, January 18, 2010

Hair Loss and Mommyhood

When I first got pregnant, my hormones acting up meant that I had lots of falling hair. Then that stabilized and I had real shiny hair. Yup, I had the pregnancy glow so much, I have never been more beautiful!

Then after I gave birth, I had months when I really wondered if I already had alopecia. Then I also thought the stress of adjusting to a new baby will get me bald! It was really yucky having to sweep hair off the floor everyday. I felt I could get a wig made every day! Ugh. I consulted doctors if I needed hair loss treatment but that was not prescribed.

Now I still suffer a lot of falling hair, but mostly because I use warm water for bathing. See, I also take a bath at night, so even if I don't heat water during the day, I'd surely heat some at night. But since I made the connection of hot water and more falling hair, I made sure that the water we use is not overly warm, just enough for our bodies not to be cold. I don't want more hair follicles dying on me.

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