Thursday, January 7, 2010

Homeschooling Looms

I am still on the fence whether I would enrol my son in the Reading Program of CFA this year. I'm thinking that since he's already able to recognize some letters, then I may just be able to teach him to read without the guidelines the program will offer. Then again, other households get their children enrolled in playschool at age two even so I really shouldn't shy away from the reading program which promises to have a child reading in three months.

One other reason I have is that bittersweet feeling of having just one year left before the textbooks and actual instruction begins for my son and I. I am not yet overwhelmed by the responsibilities I will face... it's just that this is more proof that Yakee is no longer a baby.

Anyway, we're breaking ground with attending Church more regularly this year. Faith is the basic foundation of homeschooling anyway.

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