Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Looking for Adoptive Parents for a Crack Baby


A friend of mine has a deliquent brother who was a druggie, who impregnated a fellow druggie. Their daughter is turning two and the wife is pregnant again, giving birth in two months' time. My friend and her mother have convinced the couple to give up their second baby since they're dirt poor and cannot really provide for even themselves.

Crack babies come with a slew of problems sometimes. They may be sickly, have congenital anomalies, may go through withdrawal after birth, etc. My friend assures me that the mother has at least stopped using drugs during the pregnancy. But the mom has yet to have prenatal check up and she certainly needs prenatal vitamins.

I know the couple can still change their minds at the last minute. But still, i'm hoping there is a couple or family out there who'd consider adopting the child. We can't because 1) we are not open to that at this point in our marriage and 2) am sorta close to the family (what if the druggie dad tries to visit or what).

I have yet to check with an adoption agency though how best to facilitate this. Then again, I will admit that i'm all for just having the adoptive couple sign the birth certificate when the baby comes out. I know, it's not legally right but in this case, I believe it is still the moral thing to do.

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