Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Marlene Aguilar Is A Mom

Marlene Aguilar is a mom. But for the life of me, I cannot sympathize with her just now.

I've always remembered this mother before in the panel being interviewed by Mel and Jay at the height of the Vizconde Massacre/Webb Trial who admitted to probably also hiding her son and sparing him from a life in prison. That, I actually understand. A parent doesn't have to be in denial of her child's crime for her to want to protect said child.

But Marlene not only kept her son from facing up to his crimes, she armed him and ended up harming him more. I seriously doubt NBI folks would have opened fire that much if Ivler was unarmed. But Ivler was armed and he 'defended' himself by shooting at law enforcers. How is that not a recipe for disaster?

And now I see Marlene detailing the many injuries he got from the shootout and all I can think of is, she armed her son. The same son who ended the lives of other people. Worse, she compromised her other children's lives because she was protecting this one. The others could have been easily home and hurt... and the trauma alone is more than an average kid can handle.

Seems like a classic case of a mother knowing/believing she failed a child and making up for it in any way possible, while invoking motherly love.

I don't have an enabling bone in my body and I've always felt that you can't say you're a mother if you can't be a mother to other creations. Being a Mom is a title that not everyone fully deserve.

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