Saturday, January 16, 2010

May God Bless Me With Good Health

I have shared my happy problem already. More income opportunities are coming in. Must be, the recession is finally lifting and economies everywhere are all rising back from the ashes and landing on their feet.

Or maybe, God is really just proving we cannot outgive him (thanks to Jennie for the phrase).

Unfortunately, sometimes, laptops and internet fail you. And there is that matter of a demanding son. I try my best to work around his schedule so that am still available to him when he's awake and about... but when laptops and internet fail, I only end up losing more sleep! Soon, I might actually just need anti aging products because am already all haggard-looking. How I wish it's making me lose weight instead, haha, but no, it's just really making me look tired!

So may God bless me with good health... that my skin won't break out more (since it's already ravaged to begin with), that I won't catch colds that would develop into pneumonia, that I won't develop other illnesses like hypertension.

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