Saturday, January 16, 2010

Mommy, Help!

Weirdly enough, my son didn't scream and cry that loud because he wanted me to get a toy for him, or food, or his guitar. Now, more than ever, he has been trying to act very independently. If something piques his curiosity, he goes after it. He's been climbing anything and everything, has even tried jumping off chairs just to reach something.

Such independence could be the death of me! Then again, am sure he's not the first child who ever scared his parents so and since parents are everywhere, I guess fear for my son's health and life is not fatal.

Anyway, he cried those words over and over again the other night because his father got him and placed him between him and our bedroom wall, away from me. He wanted to sleep between us, to have Mommy beside him. But as he was being naughty and hurtful (kicking, jumping about, etc. at bedtime), he had to be contained at an area where I can't be kicked anymore.

I was torn between laughing and climbing over Pappie to get to him. Sigh. Even when we're being hard on him (which is necessary sometimes to teach values), even when Mommy has been quick with her temper with him, am still the only one he NEEDS for comfort.

Such a privilege. Such a blessing.

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