Monday, January 11, 2010

Moving Homes

My Dad has been harassing us all by moving a lot of our things from our Manila home to our Lipa home. I should really store things in chests now so when the time comes that we'd need to move, all my life clutter will already be in plastic chests and no need to sort them out anymore.

That got me thinking about my sister's possible move to Chicago. Did you know that there are movers like where military families even get $20 off as an added benefit? The site also gives $10 off for bloggers!!!

That particular site is very helpful as it probably has the most extensive listing of helpers in all 50 states in the US (so if you need Los Angeles Movers or New York Movers, you really just have to type and click and browse) . Plus, it has sections for Moving Help, Landscaping Help, Cleaning Help, and General Help / Day Labor so basically, if you need help, you only need to look in one place! Or in this case, website. The site even has a Learning Center section with up-to-date information on a variety of concerns that homeowners are sure to find relevant and useful. What more could one want?

Oh and I love the authorization code system they use. Basically, you pay through the site and get an authorization code for that, which you give to the helper after he's finished with the job. The site then will deposit the funds to the worker's bank account. Doesn't that gurantee the worker showing up? Plus, since you have already deposited the money online, no need to be withdrawing cash or issuing checks or even having cash in the house.

It's really a bummer that there isn't such a site offering similar help here in the Philippines. Maybe I should start one myself? There are enough yuppies moving around a lot, not to say families moving back and forth cities and provinces, that would require similar help, after all.

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