Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Natural Anti-Wrinklers

I am 32 now. I know it's even vogue to already use anti-wrinkle creams even in your 20s to really combat skin aging. I didn't really do that because I have never been particular about beauty and I figured, my skin is oily so I really won't wrinkle much. That is probably the only advantage we have over dry skin.

But still, as part of my better me, better wife and better mom attitude, I started on becoming more particular about moisturizing at least.

And I've researched natural anti-wrinkle stuff one can use for minimal or no side effects.

Did you know that you can just mash together cucumber and lime juice and use that daily for a younger, fresher look?

And if you don't want to make your own, you can just buy Ilog Maria organic natural anti-wrinkle anti-aging soap for P75 I think (yes, I am still on a Buy Filipino high) or Human Heart Nature Sunflower Beauty Oil (gave my MIL one for Christmas). Papaya products are also bound to have anti-wrinkle properties so use papaya-based soaps and lotions instead (plus again, it's Buy Filipino!).

Let's all be more beautiful, bodacious Moms!!!

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