Thursday, January 7, 2010

Telling My Son About the Weather

(Image source: Amazon)

This is one of the books that my darling mother sent us with the balikbayan box and my son absolutely loves it when I read this to him. Of course, it's the SNOWMAN book for him.

I especially love it because it has these transparencies pages.

Whenever I'm reading it though, I really can't help but wonder how I can make it more relevant for him. You see, I grew up reading American textbooks and had always wanted to see seasons changing and the like. Unfortunately, I have yet to see autumn and I have yet to see snow. I have yet to enjoy outdoor fireplaces and go sugaring. So yeah, sometimes I feel a little sad that my son might end up like me. Then again, not everyone will travel the world for real, and I have always been thankful for reading because I got to be in different places and time.

Well, son, Mommy will do her best to give you the world but if she can't, I hope I raise you well enough to go get it for yourself.

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