Tuesday, January 26, 2010

What If Wednesdays

What If Wednesdays is something I thought of to hold for my kids someday, and hopefully during mealtimes. Experts say you shouldn't be discussing family problems at the table and What If Wednesdays is something I think will tickle my kids' fancy and boost their creative, thinking, imaginative skills.

Basically, one just says, "What if this is that?" and the others will think about it and voice out possible scenarios. Samples:

What if there's no more water? (then we'd all die, then we'd evolve to not need water anymore, then we'd recycle water more, then we'd melt the polar ice caps, etc)
What if farts are visible? (then nobody can deny it, then I wish it'd be colorful, then it's not gas anymore and will be gross, etc)
What if we have three feet? (then shoes will be more expensive, then we'll be walking bent a little forward, then we won't be easy to stumble, etc)
What if everybody was deaf? (then we'd all know sign language, then there won't be music, then we'd all be expressive, then we can't whistle at dogs, etc)

I hope to make thinking and learning and bonding fun for my family. I don't mind if my kids will be into rocket science or rv repair or baking clay, but I really hope they'd have a passion for learning greater than the one I have, and a passion for family greater than the one we'll raise them in.

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