Sunday, February 21, 2010

Animetric, I Want the VNC Certificate!

This is my official entry to Animetric's blogversary contest.

I became a Mom around this time in 2007. Early February, I found out I was pregnant and three or so days later, I started spotting. And then I started my two-month bed rest. When I could go back to work, I wore flats because it was practical for my ballooning body, plus I really didn't want to be put on bed rest again.

After giving birth in October of that year, I kept wearing flats. In fact, I stopped wearing proper shoes altogether because I also stopped working. I also stopped meeting with friends or going places. Suffice it to say, I let my social life take a back seat to mommyhood. I let parenting consume me.

So flats were perfect as I had to carry a diaper bag, or my son, all the time. And staying home most of the time seemed practical. Trips to the mall and visits to the in laws and even travels out of town were all done in different casual footwear. Think flip flops and rubber shoes. I didn't want to invest in nice shoes that I won't wear, or buy nice shoes when I could buy my son treats. It turned out that I would tell my husband every two months or so that I am using the credit card to buy myself proper shoes, but I would always end up with shoes for my son instead. Or clothes for him. Or treats for nieces and nephews. Or groceries.

I stopped investing on myself.

And when wedding invitations come knocking our way, I give my husband grief for not having proper clothes (that fit) and accessories. It all became a vicious cycle which further depressed me.

But this year, I decided to reinvent the Mommy in me. I am still struggling with weight loss (or lack of it) but I have started being more vigilant about getting pampered. I have started buying more clothes for myself, even if they're a little more expensive than what am used to wearing. I have started buying more accessories. I even learned to use foundation and concealer. I have decided that I'd even wear lipstick at home, and that I will comb my hair even if I'm not going out.

I have recently succesfully weaned my child. And I have taken to wearing heels again to engagements I've set. Because I finally have a social life again. I go to sign language classes, I give talks on peer counseling and CICL, I attend blogger events and I go on dates with my husband. Heck, I am even going to give my first parent-child communication talk this week!

But I only have one heeled pair of shoes left. I have given my high heels and stilletos away before because I never thought I'd want them again. I didn't think I will have a life again outside of the home. I didn't think I will ever be this kind of woman again ever since I became a Mom.

But now I am this woman. And so I need heels, if only to celebrate how I keep evolving into somebody more.

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