Friday, February 19, 2010

Disciplining Blues

I know that what causes hair loss can be a multitude of reasons, like genetics, hair products, hormonal fluctuations and lifestyle. My Dad generally lost his hair from having to wear a helmet all those years he was working as a seaman. The heat was bad for the hair, same way that showering with warm/hot water can produce the same results.

Anyway, stress also causes hair loss. And I am at my wits' end with Yakee. At the Mass last Ash Wednesday, I resorted to pinching him twice because he wouldn't listen. And I didn't want to go home when the Mass wasn't finished yet. No matter how much I prep talk him before, during and after, he kept being a handful. And I was alone then so I was getting annoyed with all the kicking and naughtiness.

Then yesterday, I bit my own son. Hehe. Well, he was biting me a lot and we were at the timeout corner already and I didn't want to spank his bare bottom because he wasn't wearing a diaper. So calmly, I let him bite me again. Showed him the marks on my arm, and then got his arm and calmly bit him enough to hurt and show marks too. Then I tried 'processing' the experience with him till he 'agreed' to not ever biting again.

Well, he did stop biting me... but kept biting Ninang Gang after. He likes the reaction so he keeps doing it. Sigh.

And he wouldn't stop spitting his drinks. Arrgh.

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