Monday, February 1, 2010

Giving Timeouts Another Try

Before, timeouts worked with my child. And then he started just throwing more tantrums there and I guess I got more busy so spanking was it. On good days, I could warn him that spanking will be a consequence... on bad, I go from zero to ten in tolerance and patience.

I spanked him twice going to Enchanted Kingdom last Saturday because he kept being naughty at the back of the car (and I was with him there!) and kept on kicking me. After the second spanking, he did settle down and managed to sleep in the makeshift bed we made for him. Hopefully, this is the beginning of us getting him to sit properly there...

But today I gave timeout another go. So far, so good (to think I lack sleep!). Heaven bless me with great love to do the right things by him.

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