Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Income Opportunities and Time Management

It's not that am really, really, really swamped with income opportunities that I can suddenly afford Outer Banks vacation rentals or Bulgari accessories. But I do have spa money now and feel less guilty about buying more books. Payu2blog is being very generous and there's this new writing gig for the Philippine Online Chronicles. And Odesk gigs.

I am struggling with time management though. And heaven knows, Facebook doesn't help. What I do these days is sleep with my son at ten or eleven and set my alarm to wake up at two or three in the morning so I will have quiet time and I still had some sleep. If am lucky, i'd fall asleep again and wake up with my son around nine or ten in the morning. The rest of the day, I do all my non-serious work like updating my blogs, Facebooking/Plurking, and digiscrapping while also playing with my son, watching videos with him, reading to him and dancing for him.


I should be more focused in my work though and not let other sites like Babyrazzi distracting me! I need more sleep! And I need to exercise regularly!


May said...

Facebook is truly no help! :P You work awfully hard, Mec. You deserve little treats too.

Mec said...

Naku ganda... I don't work as hard as I should be :D I am distracted most of the time, hahaha