Thursday, February 18, 2010

Moms for Romance

Many parents have said this and in a way, it is also true in our case. Romance has sort of taken a back seat after our little one was born. Our bathroom is not set up for one but I have often wished for some sort of shower enclosures at least while showering because I can't lock the door on my son, but he insists on pushing it open to ask, "Mommy, what you doing?"

I remember before, hubby and I would check into a hotel or go to some resort. I'd always have vanilla-scented bath with me, or lavender, and I'd prepare a bubble bath for two. We'd take a bath together, just talking and sponging and tickling each other. Now, it's a long time again before we'd probably have similar romantic moments. Now, we're reduced to just heating up water for each other, making sure to put in towels and soap and other toiletries. I still make use of lovely-scented products though, like mango-scented lotions and orange-scented hair products. They give the bathroom more character, an ambiance even.

And when I feel like pampering, I give myself a homemade body scrub using similar scents.

So I hope other moms out there have the time and resources to play their favorite music, light up some candles and draw up a bubble bath, even if only for one.

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