Monday, February 15, 2010

My Crocs Problem

My son only has one original pair of Crocs. The rest are fake Divi buys, bought not because I want to follow a fad but because I really love the material. It's lightweight and perfect for my son's growing, still-malleable feet. Plus, he prefers it too. These cost between P50-75 per pair so I felt justified about having so many pairs for him.

Not here is a yellow pair, original ones from my SIL which my niece outgrew. I have stopped letting Yakee wear that because his feet got blistered from that connecting thingie at the sides. I thought that model was just too narrow for his feet.

Many weeks passed and there were no repeats.

And then, around two weeks ago, I noticed that my son's feet have grown again because his size 24 shoes just fits him right. And suddenly, the brown pair has to be worn with the heel straps on top. And then he gets blistered with the red pair. Then he's taken to wearing each one with the heel straps on top, more as slip on slippers... and I saw that his feet are starting to show signs of blistering again with the orange pair (the only one he likes wearing now, he wouldn't wear the blue one anymore because his cousin has the exact pair and he can't quite grasp that they each have their own pair). I wonder if not wearing the straps is actually causing the friction this time because I am positive they're not too narrow for his feet. Or maybe I should check again. Sigh.

Or since I let him put them on himself, I wonder if wearing them wrong sometimes is causing the friction. That and too much jumping and dancing around!

Now I am more scared of getting him regular slippers because he just might have gotten my uber sensitive feet!

But he's really gotten very spoiled with this kind of footwear... he usually refuses real shoes. Plus, it hurts me too when he's wearing real shoes and starts kicking to be put down when we're out.

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