Friday, February 12, 2010

The Price of Me Time

Last Wednesday, I went to Divi to shop.

Yesterday, I went out for a while in the late afternoon to attend an HIV talk with friends in Makati.

This morning, I had to go and attend my former office's coop's general assembly so I could get my dividend payment. Then in the afternoon, I went to get a massage and browse books for hours.

Yakee was okay the whole day, but started throwing tantrums in the middle of eating doughnuts. Then it was about his play dough and he just kept going berserk over the littlest thing. Then hew refused to wash, or take a bath.

The only thing that put him back in a good mood was playing 'flying', wherein he's got his arms in front and I swoosh him around in my arms. He's not fat but he's not exactly light anymore. So I get tired. And he starts with the hissy fits again. So we play flying again.

I tell myself that I at least won't need any exercise equipment if this keeps up, but there is that chance that i'd also accidentally drop him. Hehe.

That's the price of ME time usually with Yakee... he somehow really makes me wish I never left the house.

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