Saturday, February 27, 2010

Reinvented by Motherhood

I gave my first talk on parent-child relationship yesterday. I think I did good but there are lots of room for improvement. Plus, it was really hard relating what I had prepared to CICL cases. Admittedly, what I had prepared will work best for a two parent family with resources, not for struggling street families.

But anyway, the important thing is, I was really changed by motherhood. Now, I could relate with parenting issues in a level I couldn't before. Now I appreciate what parents must do, and how, when they don't, children suffer.

I have much to learn. I haven't even begun Grade One again yet. And there are much more dinosaur types I must learn, as well as arts and crafts and kinds of trucks. I still need to bring my son camping and watch him make his own friends, and fall in love.

All I wish is for us all to remain healthy. I don't want to see him confined in bed again with a pulse oximeter attached to him. I think that's really always the greatest fear in a Mom's heart. In a parent's heart.

But thak you son, for paving the way for Mommy's reinvention. I really didn't know I could be so much more.

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