Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Weaning and My Son's Bowel Movements

I am positive it is not our imagination. My son's poop is really just more toxic smelling lately. Worse, his intestines seem to be adjusting to the lack of daily probiotics from my milk, thus the fouler smell and the lack of pattern. Even apples don't seem to constipate him enough to one or two poops a day.


And he's still trying to win the breasts back, haha. It's really bittersweet to be so missed. But I love our Sleeping Beauty routine in the morning, wherein I would refuse to 'wake up' unless he's kissed me already.


Was very grateful that hubby took care of him last night. We don't need home security systems too because hubby lurking in the shadows to scare me is surely enough to keep thieves away. Hehe.

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