Friday, February 5, 2010

Yesterday at Serendra

I was sitting with friends at the fountain area near Serendra yesterday while waiting for hubs. Two toddlers who couldn't have been more than a year and half years old decided to break away from their Moms. They looked Hispanic. One of the tots tumbled down and instead of coming to her boy, the Mom just called him and proceeded to return to the stroller she was pushing.

I commented about it to my new friend, saying that Indians are the same with their kids, whereas Filipino moms hover and clutch and hold onto their kids. We tend to run after them, run along with them and fall all over them scolding and comforting them when they get hurt. It's that hovering that makes Filipino kids clingy and scared to strike out on their own.

Needless to say, despite the tumble, the tot didn't cry.

Fast forward to around ten minutes later. Same tot was crying and his mother was trying to carry him as she was laughing fit to bursting. Why? It seems the toddler missed his footing and fell backwards into the fountain. He was dripping from head to foot and his Mom couldn't stop from laughing. I didn't think he was hurt, most probably it was the surprisd of falling and the cold water that got him crying.

The Mom just changed him without fussing over him. Soon enough, he did stop crying but decided to stay in his stroller instead. Cool mom eh? :)

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