Thursday, March 18, 2010

Beautification Drive

I was listening to a blogger earlier as she was raving over this mascara (Blinc Kiss Me mascara) and I was reminded again of how I should be working on my own beautification as well.

Aside from losing weight is a must, I really must start shopping for funkier clothes and do something with my hair. I don't need wrinkle removers just yet but maybe I should also give All Organic soaps a try. They say those with Shea Butter, rice bran, and coffee all help with wrinkles.

I need to accessorize as well, keep my foot spa dates and really be vigilant about moisturizing, especially in this heat.

I am opting to postpone any hardcore facial treatments to reduce acne scars on my face though till after the last baby is weaned. I don't want that many chemicals on me just yet. Hehe.

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