Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Behind with my Gossip

I have been real busy that I have been remiss about posting, and reacting, to celebrity baby arrivals and celebrity parents, in general.

I didn't even know that Matthew McConaughey, Padma Lakshmi and Rebecca Gayheart had girls!

Giselle Bundchen and Jenna Elfman, on the other hand, recently had sons.

Jamie Oliver and wife are also expecting again. I sure hope he didn't try the frozen diapers trick again, because it didn't work with their third child. But I sure wish for them to have a boy finally, just because they seem to be groovy and cool parents who are really in love with each other.

And Jim Carrey is already a grandfather!!!


Shiloh looks more like a boy now. And is being dressed like Brad Pitt (and I don't mean in a cute way).


All these news I got from Babyrazzi, of course!

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