Friday, March 5, 2010

Bittersweet Moment


I weaned Yakee completely last February 14. His coping mechanism has been to teasingly ask for breast milk, pretend he's breastfeeding (even with other's breasts, haha), and to touch breasts (even of other people). But since he was really not nursing anymore and is eating properly, he adjusted just fine.

Anyway, sometimes he'd come to me and position himself as if he's breastfeeding and start sniffing on my breasts. Sometimes, he'd ask for milk and even say PLEASE. I tell him I don't have milk anymore.

This afternoon, I checked. I actually still have milk! It was a mixture of wonder and disbelief that I still have milk. And then I felt sad that I was depriving my son of something that I still have.

Then again, I did not wean him because I lacked milk.

I weaned him because I know, despite his coping mechanisms, that we're both ready.

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