Monday, March 22, 2010

Dressing Up the Boy

I attended a wedding with hubs last Saturday with the entourage all in coats and ties. There was this adorable tot around Yakee's age who just really looked so cute that I couldn't help but wonder how Yakee would look like in a tuxedo, a coat and tie (i'd love a bow tie on him) and a true-blue barong.

Right now though, he admittedly has more clothes than he can really wear. And he doesn't always like wearing what I want him to. A trick I employ though is make him choose between two outfits I really like so that he'd still feel that he was in control. What's hard is getting him to wear shoes because he's been spoiled by the lightweight Crocs sandals he wears all the time.

Hopefully, he will have more fashion sense than his Pappie and Mommy though. Good luck to me if ever I have a girl. Hehe.

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