Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Expanded Breastfeeding Act

Finally, our second female President has shown more support to the breastfeeding cause!

PGMA recently signed the Expanded Breastfeeding Act which basically:
~ requires all institutions (where practical) to establish lactation stations;
~ offers institutions (private or government) tax exemptions greater than the operational cost of those breastfeeding stations;
~ provides employees 'lactation breaks' aside from the usual lunch break;
~ encourages promotion of breastfeeding by integrating it in school curriculums; and
~ sets August as Breastfeeding Awareness Month

Hopefully, this does encourage more women to breastfeed and we can bring breastfeeding back as the norm.


Oh and I know I shouldn't react to stupid comments anymore but one of the commenters in that page was ranting about how providing lactation rooms was a waste of money... and shouldn't men be provided with masturbation rooms as well... Just goes to show why men's larger brains have fewer connections, all the protein in their system get wasted in their hands.

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