Monday, March 15, 2010

Help Me Comfort a Mom

Krissy is the wife of hubs' high school barkada. She gave birth last year to a beautiful baby girl they named Christianne Lucia.

Anya has been diagnosed with a slew of brain-related problems that are now resulting in other developmental and physiological problems. She is now deaf, has epilepsy and hydrocephaly. You can read all about her challenges and accomplishments at the blog her Mom keeps: Anya, a miracle everyday.

Help me comfort my friend.

Mommy Krissy posted this in the blog on how people can help them.

Prayer. Anya needs a MIRACLE and we believe it will be granted to her. We believe in the power of prayer. We pray to everyone in heaven of course. And we ask for the intercession of Mama Mary and all the Saints. Specifically we are praying for the intercession of Blessed Alvaro del Portillo. He needs a “documented” miracle to be a canonized saint just like Pope John Paul II. Anya will be the documented miracle that we will submit to Rome. Please pray with us.

Accompany us. Even your presence during a doctor’s visit or a blood extraction from Anya will be a great comfort to us. Anya’s liver has to be constantly checked so she will experience the needle quite often.

Visit Anya. Anya needs “aggressive” stimulation. Come over and sing her a song, carry her around, help her move her tiny arms and legs during a therapy session, let her smell you, touch your face, do a session of her stimulation cards, or simply talk to her. Just let us know ahead of time so that you can catch her when she’s awake.

We want the best for Anya and have dared to explore the possibility of going abroad for treatment if needed. There are 2 institutes we are looking at: Johns Hopkins Medicine and The Institutes for the Achievement of Human Potential

The Institutes will be in Singapore on July 2010 for “What to Do about your Brain-Injured Child Course.” That would be just the beginning as we intend to enroll her in the Intensive Program. We are currently raising funds for this purpose. You can also help us accumulate Mabuhay Miles at your convenience (just email and I’ll let you know how we’ll do it) since this would require frequent trips abroad.

I cannot imagine how Moms like her go through each day with a special needs child. I do know this: burdens are easier to carry when they're shared. So please take some time to extend kindness and cheer to her and her family. You can add Anya on Facebook too (Anya Orobia).

I like what Krissy said in her blog, something a friend told her. Anya may never be okay, the way we know okay to be. But someday, Krissy will be okay about things not being okay, most of the time. Let's help her reach that point sooner, so she can also be more help to Anya.

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